Culture Practices


Empathy, courage and partnerships, Solidarity, celebrate diversity.


  • Affirming actions that break discrimination on the basis of caste, gender, sex, religion, or class.
  • Challenging stereotypes for girls and boys‘what a man must be’, or ‘what a woman must be’.
  • Recognizing the power of the association that makes governance in practice. 
  • Breaking fears /apprehensions between adults and children, men and women and communities through expression, dialogue and negotiation.
  • Approaching human rights based action in all development area, strategy and thus facilitate partnerships and empowerment of grassroots. 

Legal status:

  • Established in September 2006. 
  • Registered under Trust Act, No-43.
  • Registered with NGO Affairs Buru under the Foreign Donation regulatory ordinance   1978, No: 2639.
  • Registration on going under Women affairs department.