• Coping, caring, connecting –a training module on care giver empowerment
  • Stepping stones- a training modules on lie skills education for adolescents. 
  • Training Module on Comprehensive Homestead Development 
  • Training Module on Gender, Empowerment and Development 
  • Training Module on Child Rights Convention
  • Training Module on  Sanitation & Hygiene
  • Module on Participatory Rapid Assessment (PRA) 
  • Operational Guideline  on Women savings group formation

MIXED PICKLES (VOLUME3 2012 SANJOG BANGLADESH): Mixed Pickles is a magazine on a child protection experience under Sanjog – a Groupe Developpement initiative implemented in Bangladesh by 5 NGOs, their partner organizations and technical support partners. The programme Sanjog works for the elimination of exploitation of children and adolescents, with a focus on preventing trafficking, sexual abuse and violence, in particular. The magazine would be of interest to development practitioners and managements of support agencies, State officials who are duty bearers of children and everyone who is interested in children and their wellbeing.

‘CROSSING BOUNDARIES’ is a research report that compiles findings from an exploratory study of cross-border migration of boys between Bangladesh and India. The Exploratory Study’ was conducted to explore the phenomenon of cross border mobility of boys between India and Bangladesh and vice versa, to generate data on the extent of trafficking / smuggling of boys across borders, identify legal and policy implications and impacts with particular focus on effectiveness and impact of repatriation (and Push Back) and offering a set of recommendations to State and Non State actors to embark on certain policies.

THE RETURN  is a documentary film captures the journeys of 4 young women from Bangladesh, rescued from prostitution or bonded labour in India, back to their homes after a long wait. It takes viewers through the lives of these women, their experiences, hopes, joys and fears, anxieties about their return to their homes, their families. Finally, the film gives us a glimpse into their lives 3 months after their return, where we meet with their families, their villages – and we find out how they are.

CASTAWAY CHILDREN is an explorative Study of Care for Child-victims in NGO Shelters & the Role of Local Elected Councils in Child Protection. It is well argued that Union Parshad in Bangladesh, local governance councils which are authorised to address local development issues at the village level, must also address issues of development and protection of children and women. However, their capacity to play this role also rests upon the progress in decentralisation of governance and resource allocation to these bodies to ensure meaningful interventions, as well as their preparedness to address issues of child protection as a core of their agenda in governance. This same argument must also extend to corporations responsible for urban governance in cities, which hosts large numbers of street children.

Exploratory Study of Interventions on Sexual Abuse in Bangladesh: This study on interventions and responses to child sexual abuse in Bangladesh was conducted between January and February 2012 with 5 organisations who have head quarters in Dhaka. The preliminary mapping of interventions was conducted through an internet search from which organisations were identified for a field study, of which 5 organisations consented to participating in the research: Naripokkho, INCIDIN Bangladesh, Breaking The Silence, DISA (Development Initiative for Social Advancement) and Bandhu Social Welfare Society. Bandhu Social Welfare Society does not have an explicitly stated agenda on addressing sexual abuse, but this was a pointed inquiry to learn if and how severe, in its experience, is the incidence and vulnerability of transgendered persons to sexual abuse.