Legal Consultation

Sanjog, with its Lawyers’ Pannel, provides legal advice and services including mediation, litigation and legal rights training.



Mediation:  Sanjog facilitates alternative dispute resolution (ADR) through mediation for family, land, financial, petty criminal, and labor matters.

Litigation: Sanjog provides advice and representation for individuals whose disputes cannot resolved through mediation or who have been the victims of criminal offences or human rights violations.

: Sanjog conduct investigations of human rights violations, including those impacting on women and girls, religious or ethnic minorities and children.

Capacity Building of the Justice System

Sanjog also works on capacity building of the justice system to make it more accessible to the poor and marginalized people of Bangladesh. For instance, capacity building sessions were also held to inform police, marriage registrars, ward commissioners and other community leaders about gender and violence related laws.

Awareness/Training: Sanjog conducts awareness programmes across Bangladesh among the public regarding legal rights and remedies, focusing on courtyard meetings for women.  Sanjog also conducts training workshops for local community leaders to build legal awareness.