Child Led Advocacy

YOUTH AS THE CHANGE MAKER: A Child Led Advocacy Action 

SANJOG Bangladesh implemented the of Child Led advocacy program  for focusing vulnerability of  for three groups of children as children living in institutional care, community/family care and with women in prostitution in light of trafficking .  The envisaged outcome of the process is that a percentage of this group of adolescents will develop leadership qualities and skills and will be able to negotiate with public agencies and institutions to initiate changes in their situation. These adolescents and young adults are expected to develop into conscious citizens who can reflect on and engage with public policies and strategies, and bring their experience as a resource in policy and program planning at different levels.

Total 64 children was participated over the workshop that facilitated by three facilitators used TFD in the process. Apart from the Sanjog project partners five children from SAHPLA Mophila Shangsta(SMA) attended over the workshop who living in RLA. Methodolgy followed in the workshop is psychodrama, skill development – leadership, interpersonal communication, socialization skills, team building, negotiation etc.