Repatriation Caucus

Smooth repatriation; sustainable reintegration:

Sanjog Bangladesh organized a day long consultation on repatriation with 29 participants including government officials from India and Bangladesh and from different organization working on repatriation had been held on September 20, 2010 at Dhaka. The objective of the caucus was to reach a consensus and define coherent methods of coordination between all the partners and networking organizations, discuss about the administrative process of repatriation, major challenges and the possibilities of two neighbouring countries in this field. Another objective of the workshop was to share the experience of the organizations working in Bangladesh and India. Major agenda discussed over the consultation were:

Status of cases for repatriation presently partners are dealing – the current status, what are the blocks for the cases pending for more than a year,

Discussion about cases focusing gestation period, Group exercise on Challenges faced by  source & destination country  NGOs, find alternative path to reduce gestation period and involvement of state and Corporate agencies for speedy repatriation .

Role of stakeholder for speedy and smooth repatriation.